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Important Notice is operated by ipMetrix Consulting Group, an IP firm in India offering research, prosecution and commercialization services related to patent, trademark and other forms of IP to clients all over the world. We operate under the trade name ipMetrix in India. And, we do not own the rights for the mark "ipmetrix" or any similarly sounding mark in the US. Our services in the US are offered through our strategic partner under the trade name Metrix Knowledge Services.

  • Patent technology landscaping Leading Global IP Service Provider for MNCs, R&D Centers and Attorney Firms with 65 partners across 25 countries
  • Patent technology      112 IP Audit & Mining
         153 Landscape Reports
      2,235 Patent Drafts
      3,587 Patent Searches
    11,135 IP Projects
  • FTO search Cloud Based IP Management Through State-of-Art ipDockr with maximum data security and replication
  • “I have used several US Based Patent attorneys in the past for filing US patents, I find this team just as competent at fraction of the price. ” – Chandra Bodapati, CEO of eGrabber, Inc (former VP at IBM)
  • “I just had a very good feedback on your analysis of this search report by the patent attorney in charge xxxxxxx. Please prepare a draft response to the European Patent Office according to your analysis. ” – Administrator, IP Standards, Alcatel Lucent
  • “Thanks for the well drafted documents.” – an inventor at Samsung
  • “I thought the quality of the draft was quite high. I was pleased with the way you kept distinguishing between the embodiment and the claimed invention.” – Xerox patent counsel
  • “Good work and in due time.” – Senior IP Corporate Counsel & Lead, Alcatel-Lucent
  • “Thanks For Your Good Work.” – an inventor at Alcatel Lucent
  • “.. patent specification looks good. Lots of work was done and it shows. ” – Devkumar Gandhi, Founder of Nexage Inc
  • “I am forwarding you this to see if .. the claims and description can be reworked to avoid the rejection in the office action? … You handled the other office action (and did a nice job imo), that's why I'm contacting you.." - VP, Cluster Wireless, LLC

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Value-added research

ipMetrix supports R&D centers with just what they need to get their work done. You can stay focused on your research while we work on your IP tasks that help provide better guidance for innovation.

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Dedicated virtual team

Our expertise wasn't built in a day. We have developed a niche for ourselves over many years by engaging our clients with dedicated IP teams that work on all their tasks, and just theirs.


End-to-end IP solutions

We cover every aspect of IP from ideation and research to filing and prosecution. Our customized solutions work alongside exisiting in-house IP teams in Big Corp and as a dedicated IP team for smaller R&D centers.


Accurate & instant delivery

Our team comprises of the best lawyers and engineers with masters degree from top institutions across the world. We never compromise on quality of research and accuracy of data. Besides we understand how important prompt delivery is.


Global coverage

With our strong network of global partners, scaling is never a problem. We work predominantly with MNCs across regions with varied IP policies to enable a unified platform for IP management.


Proven time & cost saving

Engaging ipMetrix is lightning-fast for innovation and IP management, saving time and money. With our consistently high ratings from clients you can rest assured that your IP is always of high quality.

"We have engaged many IP service providers world-wide but ipMetrix stands apart as an end-to-end solution provider – Creative, Diligent, Timely, and Trustworthy – they have satisfied our criteria for fulfiling our IP needs in India and abroad."

Chandra Bodapati, CEO at eGrabber Inc.

Your dedicated IP team, {trained and managed by the best}, working on all your IP tasks {to make your innovations sail the high seas}. Dedicated & hard-working. You win!

We have keen interest in your success and work as true solution providers, getting involved beyond IP processes. We want your IP to stay cutting-edge. Hence, we are obsessed with continual research, strategy and more.